How can i run multi campaign on my asterisk server


In my asterisk server i have created a AMI using .net application.

Itz working fine. itz an outbound call center.

What happens here is:

  1. **1 is to login that i have created on my server
    if the agent is logged in then he will be queue. he can hear some music there.

  2. In my asterisk Manager using .net, i have created a dial button to get the data from MYSQL to dial through asterisk server.

In manger i assigned my CONTEXT and dial plan to dial. Now itz working fine. itz dialing through that CONTEXT.

Now i am going to connect these application with my CRM.
so in that CRM I have two or more campaigns will be there.


created two agents

Agent 1
Agent 2

Two campaign created

campaign 1
campaign 2

Here i am assigning campaign 1 for agent 1and Campaign 2 for agent 2.

Now my questions is… how to set multi campaign on asterisk server ?


context = test
member => Agent/1000
member => Agent/2000



agent => 1000
agent => 2000


exten => _X.,1,Answer()
exten => _X.,n,queue(test,Tt,300)

In my .net application
i have given the context name, dial plan

numbers are getting from MYSQL.

in .net my .net i am going assign campaign ID from MYSQL instead of that .net application.

Please help me…