How can I ring 2 numbers at the same time

I am definitely a beginner - I bought a Developer’s kit with 1 FXO and 1 FXS module. I am looking to ring both my VOIP phone at my desk and my cell phone. The problem is that I am using the FXO for the incoming line -I am pretty sure that I will need a second FXO port to forward back out to my cell phone - is that correct? If it is, I will purchase another, could you show me what an extensions.conf entry would be for that?

You will need another FXO line - or use a VOIP provider that has a DID line in the exchange you want to call.

To use the new line, in the call to Dial(…) that you use to dial the VOIP phone, use "&’ and the new line specification. For example, if your new FXO lines is ZAP/3, then you would have ‘Dial(SIP/whateveryourvoipphoneis&ZAP/3/cellphonenumber)’.

Thank you

you don’t need a second FXO port. You can use any VoIP provider for the outgoing call to the cell phone. The Dial command as stated above is the one to use. To try this you could sign up for VoipJet which has a pay-as-you-go plan and offers IAX for asterisk: