How can I listen to the voice mail under AsteriskNow system?

Which extension do I need to dial to get voice mail, thanks!

If there are any predefined extensions, they will be defined by FreePBX, which is supported at not here. Asterisk itself is a toolkit, and doesn’t have pre-defined extensions numbers.

Hi, David, How can I listen to my voice-mail with my sip-phone?

Call an extension that invokes the VoiceMailMain application, with appropriate options for your specific use case. You will need to define this extension yourself.

Can you give me a setup guidelines? Thanks David.

No I don’t do paid consultancy.

For bare Asterisk you should look at the sample configuration files that come with Asterisk, and definitely include this.

For FreePBX, I repeat that this is the wrong forum; we are not experts on how FreePBX uses Asterisk and how it limits what you can do with Asterisk.

Got it, thanks David!