Hotel Module for Asterisk


Do you know if anyone has attempted to integrate Asterisk with a hotel’s PMS (property management system) to enable the following features:

Allows for Check in and Check out of guests
Allows setting of guest extensions to Do not Disturb
Allows blocking of external calls
Allows wake up calls to be scheduled.
Allows housekeeping to set room status
Tracks calls a guest makes and lists them upon check out for easy billing



check out they do all of this with thier PMS software and it has a specific Asterisk Module for all of this too.

Hello Jaedwa,
I recommend you to visit to integrate Asterisk with your hotel’s PMS. It Consist all the required features asked by you. For more details you can drop a line to our sales team or Chat with our support team. Our experienced support team available 24*7 to assist you.

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Damien Fletcher

Hello Jaedwa,
If you are still looking for a hotel software that can integrate Asterisk, please visit

for more information.