Asterisk Suggestions for a 12 Room Motel + Managers Quarters

Okay, I will put in as many details as I can. My family and I recently bought a local motel. The motel has 4 phone lines and an 800 number tied to the main line. The fourth phone line is not tied to the current PBX system and is only used as a FAX line, leaving 3 lines tied to the PBX.

When a call comes in, a number of lines residing in the Managers Quarters (my residents) ring in unison: upstairs line, office line, supply room line and the PBX control box in the living room.

The control box is the CMPbx PhoneSuite. The routing box in the supply room is the “CMPbx 16x64 Phone System by Call Management Products”

The current system has some good features, but I am looking for a more robust system. I can post pictures of the setup upon request if that will help as well.

The main feature I am interested in with Asterisk is the “Call Routing by Caller ID”, as it would save me loads of time answering calls that are just going to get routed to a specific room again. Although hold/transfer music would be a nice addition as well :smile:

if you need more details feel free to ask for the specifics

So, are you looking for someone to implement Asterisk solution for you, or you are just asking if this is possible in Asterisk, in which case this is quite possible as long as you have a callerID feature on the external lines.
In the first case i can provide do it remotely for you.

oh i feel fully capable of implementing it, I am just not sure of some of the specifics, mainly the number of modems, or other hardware, capable of handling the 3-4 incoming lines in addition to the lines for the 12 individual rooms.

The real trick, for me, is figuring out what each piece of (currently installed) hardware does, what parts i can reuse, and which wires go to what. Honestly, the set up at the moment looks like a tangled mess, but it works somehow.

What kind of wiring to you have to the rooms? If it’s just telephone cable, you are going to need a combination of FXO/FXS modules for external/internal lines. On the other hand if you have Category 3 or above UTP, you could run Ethernet to the rooms and use SIP phones.