HINT problems


I set in the general context for sip.conf “subscribecontext=siphints” and in siphints I have all the extension numbers and hints in these.

Using my SPA932 it detects most activity using the siphints, however it treats “Unavailble” as Isla and shows up in green. I then placed one of the hints out of siphints and back into the default context and it illuminates it orange, as not available as it should.

After doing a “sip show subscriptions” it lists all those stated in siphints (not in default) and has all the last states as “Idle” when I know for fact half of them are not connected. In “sip show subscriptions” it does not display the one I removed and placed into default.

Can someone shed some light on this please? I would place it all in default context however the Asterisk GUI is restricting me to just 30 lines per context insanely!


Sorry, my mistake I actually meant “Unavailable” appears on my phone as “Idle” when using a subscribecontext, but not in default.