Highest priority to Asterisk?

i’m a newbe to asterisk.
I working with asterisk on my telecom application.i installed asterisk 1.2.2 on RHE 4.
It installed successfully and routing calls. But parallelly when i access mozilla or any other application, the performance of asterisk has been getting down.
i think you understood me.
Can anyone tell me how could i make my asterisk should run as highest priority task and CPU should dedicated to it.
I’m i implement real-time performance to my kernel with any rea-time approches like RTAI or RTLinux.
i’m i make any modifications in my current kernel(scheduler) to give dedicated time to asterisk.

Any help appreciated.


i’m not going to go into how to give more processor time to Asterisk (mainly 'cos i have no idea :smiley:), but i will say this …

if you’re serious about using Asterisk at your PBX platform, then you won’t be using at as a workstation, and you certainly won’t be using X on it.

a PBX tends to be a mission-critical platform. the money involved in giving it a dedicated box is a fraction of the cost of dealing with poor performance, angry users and a furious CEO.

to be quite honest, this applies at home too, unless you’re the only user.

hi baconbuttie,
Even i’m not using X as you suggested.

then ignore the bit about X :blush: not using it as a workstation still stands though :wink:

what are the specs of your box ?