High Scalable Deployment on Asterisk

Hi ,

Can Anyone tell me about what is the maximum capacity we can deploy for Asterisk ?
Can we deploy as big as 500+ E1s ?

That’s a whole town!

I’m pretty sure that you are one to two orders of magnitude beyond what a single PC could do. You could construct a three stage network, as traditionally used, but it would be a space-space-space network (each stage is switching in both time and space, so there is no time sharing of the middle stage crosspoints), so would require a lot of hardware. I’d tend to think conventional time-space-time switching would be a less painful solution.

I definitely think you need some specialist consultancy, although a lot of that is likely to come from the major sales divisions of the traditional switch manufacturers.

If I’m wrong, I’m sure that DIgium’s major sales department would be interested, if only from the point of view of the hardware sales, so they might be the best point of contact.

The open nature of Asterisk means that there is no fixed limit on what it can be made to do. Asterisk integrators have built everything from very small IP PBX systems to massive carrier media servers.

You will need to have you our DC (Data Center) with at least 50 Servers connected to really GOOD Network equipment like Cisco.
You will have to have Good Switches the Router in this case can be optional.