Hi i want to Call from Asterisk to Indian GSM numbers

Hi i want to cal from asterisk server to the Indian GSM numbers ist possible without any hardware or it needs hardware,

I have 2n voiceblue next device can we make use to do outgoing call i found dial applicaton from link

what should be technology and resource for the gsm number

You can use Asterisk to call to Indian mobile phone numbers, you either need a sip trunk to a provider or use the 2n voiceblue next device.

On how to use the 2n voiceblue next, take a look here:

I have look from this link and configured the asterisk to voiceblue next device , how to use 2n voice blue next device to make outgoing call


Do you have SIP account registered to Indian carrier on 2N VoiceBlue box or are you using SIM card inserted in a slot on this 2N VoiceBlue ?

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ya i have sip account registered for voice blue next device by username 6001

So this SIP account is registered with your Indian carrier ?

Just to understand the global picture and be sure in the answers given.

Hi dose,

The SIP Account is registered in Voicebluenext device , In device inserted the INDIA GSM number