Helpdesk queues, and incoming calls, help needed

Hello all! I’ve managed, with the help of some slightly more knowledgeable asterisk-using folks, to install Asterisk and FreePBX as our new PBX system, to replace a Nortel box.

We managed to get it to run remarkably similar to what we used to have, but have way more statistics available than we used to. It’s been running stable for 4 months, aside from a sangoma bug that should be fixed by a driver update tonight.

One problem has plagued our support folks though, and is getting to be an irritant for them. They need to be able to receive incoming calls on their extensions, and also be logued into a support queue, but receive only 1 call at a time from that queue.

I’ve managed to make this work by using 2 lines of their Aastra phone on their regular extensions (let’s say 2XX) and one line for the 9XX extension, which is logged in the queue as a member.

This works well, aside from one fact, in that setup, when they receive a call from the queue, they cannot transfer it to anyone.

Before that, I only used the 2XX extensions, and had incominglimit set to 3 (FreePBX had been customized to do that by the folks who installed it) but when a second call was coming in, they heard a beep, the call attempted to be transfered to their line, and returned to the queue. It kept going like that every 30 seconds or so, till the call was answered. It quickly got irritating, so I’ve used to 9XX extension as a fix for that, but had the problem of transfers not working then.

Is anyone else having that kind of problem, and found a fix I could use?

Thanks for your help!

what method are you using for transfer ? the Asterisk feature code, or the phones native transfer (Xfer) button.

I’m using the phone transfer method, as it seems more simple for users to use. I’ve also tried the Astrisk transfer by pressing # but it simply sends the DTMF to the other side of the channel, without doing much more.

Transfers on the phone works well if I’ve got more than one line defined, and no call-limit enforced, but then, they receive more than one call at a time…