Help with variables

I know i can set variables using Set(MYVAR=VALUE) thanks fine.
My problem is this.





exten=>_XXX,n,NoOp(Incoming call from ${Variable1})

At this point, when the call is ChannelRedirected to from-internal,201,1
the variable i previously set, now is EMPTY. Why?

I try adding _ in front, like this Set(_Variable1=${CALLERID(Num)})

I try adding __ in front, like this Set(__Variable1=${CALLERID(Num)})
But it keep empty. How can i set a Variable then if i run ChannelRedirect the variable keep it value?


Where is the Dial in relation to these two lines?

How does control reach the ChannelRedirect line?

Given that you have made quite a few postings, why did you post this in a forum for general discussions when it is clearly a request for support?