Passing channel variables into a new channel

Does anyone know how to pass variables into a channel.

I.e. I have an incomming CAPI channel, the user enters some numbers (Job number for example) which are stored via ‘Read($VAR,audiofile,digits)’, then based on the entered number, dials the appropriate internal extension (Person who owns that job for example) (I.e. Entered number does not equal extension).

When i issue the Dial, a new channel is generated, but i want the channel variables collected and stored in the incomming CAPI channel to be passed/available in the new SIP channel from the Dial before bridging.

Please Please Help. :cry:

have a look at CLI> show application Set … does the “_” and “__” inheritance do what you want ?

Thankyou for your responses.
I am very sorry for cross pointing.

Am just desperate and wasn’t sure which thread this belongs in.

Thank you for your help, and sorry if i was being rude.

Please see thread in asterisk support.

I am using ‘Set’ in my dial plan, but that only enables me to set channel variables local to that channel. I need to get the variables im setting into the new Dial SIP channel i am going to bridge to.

Thank you again.