Help with understanding "busy/congested at this time"

I’d like an explanation of the message I’m seeing in the asterisk log files.

'Everyone is busy/congested at this time. (1:1/0/0)"

I’m finding dozens of these on a daily basis. Messages prior to this one indicate that an extension was busy.

Is this an expected message given an extension being busy? When I see the word “Everyone”, I get concerned. Does this mean that the whole PBX is blocked, or does it just refer to a situation where a particular extension is busy?

Also, what does the string of 4 numbers after the message indicate?

Is there a reference someplace that contains these types of messages and an explanation of them? If so where would it be located?

Thanks in advance…

It means all the channels specified on that Dial application call are busy. You can have multiple channels, the first one to answer of which will actually be used. These are seperated by &s. You’d typically do this to ring both the manager and the secretary at the same time.

The three numbers seperated by /s are busy, congested and unavailable counts.

Thank you for your response, from what I read in your post these are expected warnings given the fact that the extension is showing ‘busy’ in prior lines of the log.

Still it would have been “nice” if whomever wrote this log warning would have avoided using the word “Everyone”, it’s a bit misleading, at least to me.

Again, Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Hi ah_clem!

I got this question to and got this answer:

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