Help with this scenario

I’ve found the way to let asterisk now when a call with the zap-channel is answered (when using a fxo line),
In the Dial command we can use the c option:


"if the letter c follows, then “Answer Confirmation” is requested, in which the call is not considered answered until the called user presses #. "
In this way I can achieve these two things:
-users that are reachable only via PSTN now can have a voicemail service, if they don’ answer the phone;
-I can a ring a SIP phone and a ZAP-channel together,
There is only a problem:the called has to know that he has to press the # key.
What can I do to play a message to the called sayng ‘press # to answer’ when he picks up the handset?
Could be better if the message says ‘there is a call from xxx for you, press # to accept the call’.

I hope this can help someone…
…and I hope someone can help me
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I know it’s not a pretty thing to rename the same post…

show application dial
maybe add A(music.file)

Thanks for the answer,
where I have to put the x file? In the sounds directory?

Ok, I put the file in the right place, but I can hear it AFTER I’ve pressed the # key not BEFORE as I want.
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Other suggestions?

Did you ever get an answer to this? Seems silly to me that there isn’t a sound file played for you, or at least a setting to say what to play.

I’m having the same issue!