Help with Setup Design

Hi Guys,

i am sorry if this question has been answered before but i need some information for the following:
My current office setup have a Panasonic Central - Analog and i would like to change this to Asterisk Server to be able do the following:

  • Remove the Panasonic central
  • Remove all the phones from the office, i want to use software instead on each PC with extensions and if the PC is not available the Asterisk server should give a customized message and voice mail
  • To be able make in-bound and out-bound calls through Asterisk server to land line
  • setup IVR auto respond welcome message

what i want to know exactly :

  • Is this doable ?
  • How can i do it ?
  • What is the recommended pci card for this (i don’t know what exactly my land line type is analog or digital.

Your help is much appreciated

  1. Yes, but you might want to consider that hard SIP phones are generally better than soft ones, and you might also want to consider what happens with regard to calling the emergency services, particularly during a fire.

  2. Hire a consultant, attend a course, or read and understand

  3. As for (2). You should not be starting until you know the answer to basic questions, like this, about your existing system.

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