Help with API and a sales CRM

I am looking at how to get an onsite switchvox system to sync with a CRM. Will this work or do you have to have the cloud system? Does anyone know how well this works?

Switchvox is a commercial product which is not supported on the open source community forum.

You’ve got a couple of different ways you can approach things.
One - you could use Event Triggers (admin web UI > Tools > PBX Features > Event Triggers) to send call information to a remote system - like the CRM.
Two - you could use the Realtime API (Realtime API - Switchvox - Documentation) for each user to push information into a CRM as that user gets a call or to place the calls as that user.
Three - you could use the Call Pop up feature in the desktop Sangoma Phone to deliver call details to a URL capable of receiving them from the user’s desktop
Four - you could use the Remote URL options within an IVR to push data to or retrieve data from some remote service
or some combination thereof

…these are just some paths. I’m not going to be able to provide ongoing assistance.

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