Help with a transfer dialplan

Can anyone give me a hand with this?

Im basically trying to dial ext 30 internally, which will then ring my cell phone, then once I answer, I want asterisk to xfr the cell call to ext 33, which is a script that will take my input from the phone, and dial back out.

Instead, it just calls me and sits silently, and dtmf tones dont do anything.

So how do I get it to execute the transfer command as soon as the call is answered, or maybe after a set time period?

Here is an excerpt of my extensions.conf

exten => 33,1,Answer
exten => 33,2,AGI(cidspoof.agi)

exten => 30,1,Answer
exten => 30,n,SetCallerID(111111111)
exten => 30,n,Dial(IAX2/voipjet/1480xxxxxxx,tT)
exten => 30,n,Transfer(IAX2/voipjet/33)

Any help?