Help to Setup 3000 port Asterisk PBX

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We have a requirement for a project to install and setup an Asterisk PBX for 3000 ports extension. Please contact me at for any professional help that you can be offer.

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Hi @vigneshr, Asterisk should handle it itself provided you have the right hardware.
Just configure your ports.conf file properly

This is a complex question and depends on information not provided. Critical information is the maximum simultaneous calls (Erlangs), choice of codecs, and processing, particularly processing that involves transcoding. You haven’t even told us that this is a SIP application, although I guess it is.

My gut feeling is that a single machine is not going to be able to handle 2,500 Erlangs, but the general advice is to benchmark, based on your specific needs. The ease of load sharing depends very much on whether you want to do anything complex.

Whilst I’m not in the paid consultancy business, this requires paid consultancy, and you need to give some indication of financial compensation levels.

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