Help: sip communicator dial out through fxo

I am developing a softphone based on the sip-communicator platform and I am trying to dial to an outside line through an FXO card. I dial 9 in order to get an outside dial tone then I dial the number. This works fine on a commercial softphone like X-Lite but when I try it on my softphone I get a connection for about 2 seconds then it goes dead. I was wondering if anyone could point me to the location of the dialplan for the FXO so I can alter/ understand it. also if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears.


it seems as though I am trying to make a sip call to 9phone_number@asterisk_server_address is this correct?

Thank you


Probably your dial plan or bad code on your phone. Post a trace here of the asterisk cli as well as an ngrep trace.

Actually it does work now but in getting it to work I have managed to break it somehow. I can now only transmit audio not receive it for all calls. I’m not sure how this happened? Any suggestions?

Ok all is working now, while I was troubleshooting the FXO I set the SIP extentions NAT=yes this was a bad idea.