[HELP]Server to Server using IAX

Anybody got any idea about this ?

I’m trying to create a server to server channel using IAX.Here is my config actual, I have two server on the same network running * and they both have a phone working(echo test, voicemail etc…)

I’m actually trying to create a channel using IAX to join thoses two server.
Both server a registred each other

Here is a copy of the line a added to my iax.con file

register => test2@

The other server have the same line except username and adress Ip to register

Then in my dial plan, I have this line

exten => 7XXX,1,Dial(IAX2/test/${EXTEN}:1},30)

The Problem I have :

Using the phone on server A, I got this error on the console :
No authority found

And on server B , I have this error :
Rejected connect attempt from … who was trying to reach 203@

Extension 203 is working locally on server B

Anyone could share is config or explain me what is wrong in my configuration ?

Have you had a read of this page?