[HELP] Possible to forward extension name to callee?

Hi all,

my Asterisk box looks up all the extensions in a Postgresql database and I need to forward the name of the extension, which the caller used to call someone, to the callee. Doing so, it would be possible for the callee to see through which one of his extensions he is called. At the same time the “canreinvite” option in sip.conf has to be set to “no” for all participants.
I traced all SIP traffic and I cannot find a way to get this information for the callee client…

How does it work? (Or does it work at all?!)

Thanks a lot in advance!!!


this is a common request, you have like 3 guys and you want them to answer with ‘hello, sales’ or ‘hello, service’ depending on what the customer is trying to call.

The easiest way i’ve found is to manipulate the caller ID value, ie
SetCIDName(Sales-${CALLERIDNAME}) for one extension. Their phone will then show Sales before the name of the caller.