[HELP] playback

What i’m trying to do is set something so that the asterisk pbx will answer the call and give the caller a choice of extensions to dial, based on teh dialed extension an mp3 with information will be played to them. This is simple enough and I’ve got it working EXCEPT the mp3’s will be updated if necessary every couple of minutes.

So this causes a problem if asterisk is trying to play an mp3 that is currently being overwritten.

Example: Caller selects to hear mp3 file abc, I was thinking i can name it abc001 and instead of overwriting that file when it needs to be updated name the next one abc002 and so on. My problem is that I don’t know how to have the Playback command be aware of this. Is there anyway that I can have asterisk play the mp3 with the largest name (abc001 < abc002)?

Any ideas on how to do this, suggestions, or toher work arounds?