Help on using the controls

Hi, i’m playing with various controls on my phone here and there seems to be something that Im not doing right. I created a basic app that simply creates 3 text controls + 3 input controls for the user to enter 3 values. When the user has entered the values and presses the check mark button on the phone, I want to do something with the values entered by the user. Could someone point me to the right class to use? I was looking for some kind of “onOK” callback function that I could implement to do whatever I need to do with the entered values. If anyone know where I can implement this.

thanks in advance


I think I have to look at the new sample (genericFormExample).

wallnutmonkeys: Yes, I think the sample is what you want to look at. In the processSubmit callback function you can see how to access the members of the form and take whatever action you want. The sample simply prints them to the debug console.

If something is unclear in the example or you would like me to add anything else to it please let me know. Thanks, Shaun

ok thanks shaun, the genericform sample helped a lot.