[Help] No DTMF tones outside of firewall

I have been experimenting with Asterisk on a local network. I’m using Counterpath’s X-Lite softphone to test things out. I recently opened port 5060 on my router/firewall and have it pointing to my Asterisk box. Everything works FINE on the internal LAN. When I’m outside the router, I CAN connect to the asterisk box. However, the system does NOT recognize DTMF tones.

If I’m outside the router (at my neighbor’s house) and I dial *97 for voicemail, I hear the prompt for my password, but after I enter it, the system replies that it did not receive the password… Same thing happens in all menus. I can connect, just not enter any options.

What have I done wrong? Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.


PS: Router = D-Link DI604

you’ll need more ports open/forwarded. have a look at voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … wall+rules for examples of the ports and protocols you need.

Thanks for the link. I couldn’t figure out how to enter that port-range (10000-20000) on the DLink (it only has port numbers, not ranges) So I decided to just put the Asterisk box in the DMZ. I figured that would be okay for short-term testing, and would surely let those ports through, but I’m experiencing the same issue! I wonder if Cox Communications (my cable provider) is blocking a port / port range I need? Any other suggestions before I call to ask them?