Help > MixMonitor stop after run macro

I have configured TWO options in the features.conf
Option 3 that do the next;
Run a macro to MixMonitor the call

Option 4 that do the next;
When the callee, answer the call, the callee press 4 and it will run DISA to get dial tone, to mark the extension to put the call in a queue, of example, if callee press 301, the caller is going to be in the Queue(park-301).


Incoming call —> Recepcionist answer the call, dial option 3 configured in features.conf, Now the call is Recording by MixMonitor() in the macro. Now, if the Recepcionist want to put the incoming call in the queue 301, the recepcionist just dial option 4, configured in the features.conf to put the call in the Queue(park-301)
At his POINT, the call was not recorded.

Inmediatly the recepcionist dial the option 4, the MixMonitor stop to record. I don’t know WHY!


Any answers?

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The fact that you haven’t received any answers yet probably means:

  • very few people use AUDIO_HOOK_INHERIT, and those that do probably aren’t on this forum;
  • a proper understanding of your problem requires reading of the source code.

In respect of the second point, this involves masquerading, and that is one of the most difficult aspects of the source code to get ones head round, so people are not going to do it unless they believe that they will have to deal with the same issue. Most people trying to provide complex operator functions will use third party control, using AMI, not the featuremap.

With regard to the first point, you ask most of your questions on the forum intended to discuss Asterisk itself, when more people will be reading the one intended for providing peer support.

Also, although it probably doesn’t make much difference to the responses, you are using Asterisk out of specification by using Macro in a context where the documentation says it is not safe to use and when it is a deprecated feature actually implemented using subroutines.