[Help] Making Asterisk calls by clicking on hyperlink

Hi, I am trying to enable calls by the click of a hyperlink. Is this possible? Can anyone share some light on this, thanks.

Sure it is, for example you may use use a php web page to start the call through the Asterisk Manager Interface as shown in this page of my own site: marcobruni.net/index.php?opt … =9&lang=en .

More informations about: voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … ck+to+call .


Marco Bruni


Similar to Marco’s we use modified version that allows the use of one script on the server and then the extension is set in the browser.

see cyber-cottage.co.uk/site/index.p … &Itemid=60 for full details


You can surely do it. But if I was to give you a language independent solution, it would be using Javascript. You can easily do it. You also get an AJAM sample app in asterisk regarding how you do it. You may have to keep the asterisk manager credentials in a hidden variable/Code behind and encrypted too(for security). You can then use AJAX to allow calling :smile: You can use XML or name value pair etc

I really suggest you to think again on this feature that you want to give. Click to call are susceptible to attacks. Have some captcha’s to be on the safer side.