Connecting Two Asterisk Servers

Hi guyz. I’m a newbie in this forum and Asterisk. Can anyone show me how to connect asterisks server together? I’ve followed the guide from … al+servers but it still fails to make connections. Both usernames have been successfully registered on both sides but i cant make any calls and the operator will said that the number is invalid in the conference… or issit that i’ve put the exten=> in extensions.conf wrongly? The guide didn’t tell me which context to put it so i just put it at the beginning of the file. Help guyz! Thank you.

Btw i’m using the CentOS and one TDM400P (1 FXS, 1 FXO).

Help guyz! Thank you

What kind of trunk did you setup? SIP or IAX? Are you sure the right holes are drilled in your firewall? SIP/NAT problem maybe? I bit more information would be nice.

basically i didn’t know wat to do. I edited the extensions.conf and iax.conf according to the guide. I didn’t create any trunk. If u got any guide on how to set it up using AMP would be nice. I read the guide and it said IAX is the common guide. Any ideas guyz?

I found another guide here … +2+servers but i don’t understand the line on Method 1. What context should i create in the iax.conf file? [REC SERVER]?? or … and the extensions.conf should i create [mycontext] context or others? I’m blur guyz. Help …

What is t that you want to do? Connect two physical locations together by setting up two asterisk servers and connecting them so that the users of each physical location can contact each other? Or do you also want to dial outside these two LAN’s?

Ok! I wanted to connect both * servers so that both sides user can call each other. They need to dial 99+extensions on the other side of the server. Thank you Gentux for ur help.

As I read earlier in your post you work with AMP, correct me if I’m wrong. In AMP you got this nice feature of creating trunks. If you want to connect both servers what I would do is setting up an IAX2 trunk on each server to the other one.

Then you can define in outgoing routes which trunk to use when users dial a specific prefix suchs as 99 like you do. I think this should solve your problem.

but there’s no guide that state on how to set it up.sorry guyz i’m really noob in AMP. any guides out there tat is based on AMP? thankz! :smiley:

Help needed here guyz! Dunno wat to put in the AMP add trunk there and dunno wat to route in the outbound routing. Really Newbie here.

Help me guyz! Help! thankz. Gentux u r so helpful but i dunno wat to be defined in the outgoing and incoming settings! Any AMP user? help plz! Thankz!

I’m currently using AMP, but I think you have to put your own hands in the extensions files to solve your problem.
For more help about AMP look at this.

Did you get this resolved ? because I’m trying to do exactly the same thing using AMP and also need some help !

I solved my problem. Actually the solutions is here … … e=FaqTrunk

it works!!


Will give it a go !

Hello again,

Once I’ve configured this, do a dial a ‘7’ before the extension number I want on the other asterisk server ? so, for example I have extension 500 and 501 on the other side, so would I dial 7500 ?


I was wondering if you were able to get it work and share how you did it? I followed these instructions but it doesn’t seem to work for me. When I dial an extension on the second server its just a long pause.

Well I’ve setup the trunks as per the document, but I’m not sure how to dial a remote extension, so I don’t know if tis working or not.

I am assuming you use the dial prefix 7 before the extension number, so a remote extension 500 becomes 7500. I tried this but it didn’t work.

I’m guessing there is something else to do after setting up the IAX trunks.

Can some one please shed some light on this ?

Ok guyz. Actually just follow the guide from the link … e=FaqTrunk but dont add the prefix 7 on the Trunk option. After Creating the IAX2 Trunk, create an outbound routing that uses the trunk. Then add ur preferred prefix to the extensions like ‘7|.’ . Then u can call each other by pressing 7+XXX extension. Thats all u neeed to do. Cheers 8)

that seams to have done trick !