HELP: How to set up a Phone Directory

Can anyonbe please advise if there is a centralised phone directory in Asterisk and point me to some docs to read?

We use Granstream 2000 phones and Asterisk (yes, we do have problems with choppy audio!) We need to either link our telephones’
Phone Book feature to a centralised (or regularly distributed) phone directory or to automatically have an LDAP or other connection to our Contact list of both suppliers and clients, either on Active Directory or Outlook or ANYTHING (we are happy to export it, as lonf as we can use it from Asterisk and the current telephones…)

Any pointer or help will be so very gratefully received.
Thank you.

did you have a look on the wiki.

in the past i’ve never quite found what i was after so just wrote my own. a web-based system that is searchable, with click2call. most people i’ve installed it for use it as part of their Active Desktop and it’s linked either to their customer database if possible, or a standalone db.

your phones are a bit limited in what they can do as far as accessing a centralised db, but there’s something you can do. let me know if you don’t find what you’re after on the wiki.

check the wiki gxp2000 page… currently this is not possible at all (the gxp phonebook is static to the phone), however the next FW version (as of last time i checked) would include the feature that you can download a phonebook into the phone via the tftp server. This may be the feature you want?


The GEOTEK Phonebook for Asterisk may be what you are looking for. It is centralized, has LDAP, Active Directory CSV and Asterisk Phones import, has a web dialer, and it is easy to display caller names on the display of your grandstreams if you like.

Just an update- the new Grandstream firmware has been released. You can now post an XML file of your phone book to a central server and it will replicate to all your phones via TFTP.