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hello, i have finished compiling zaptel on my fedora os and it works.
am trying to configure it and test it but i keep getting the same error.
please i need help.

i have finished configuring asterisk and it works.
but i am having a problem with the configuring of zaptel.
when i type the command /sbin/ztcfg -vv, the result i get is :
Zaptel Configuration
Channel map:
Channel 02: FXS Kewlstart (default) (slaves : 02)
1 channel configured.

but then i get an error msg saying:
ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 2: no such device or address (6)

i have tried to resolve this error but i am having no success. please
i would like
help on this.

please help me. this is driving me nuts…

Does running “zttool” utility detect and show your card?

i jus ran zttool and i dont think it can see it.
under alarms it says unconfigured and under span it sayz ztdummy/1 1
please do you have any suggestions.

Check if you have supplied power to the telephony card in the PCI slot.