[HELP] DrayTek Vigor 3300V Gateway

I have a DrayTek Vigor3300V gateway with 8 FXO ports. I am trying to configure asterisk to dial out on the gateway. I have one of the FXO ports configured on sip account 100. If I dial the sip account then the router gives me dial tone, with which I can dial a number. Unfortunately this is not the behaviour I desire. I want to setup the FXO port as a trunk with out it giving me a dial tone. I have tried the Dial(sip/100, D(${NUMBER})) command, but it doesn’t work. Any ideas please.


I have one as well.
And this is what I want to do with it as well.

You have to configure the ports on the 3300v as MGCP then you can use it.
Unfortunatly for me, I’m very new to this so I can’t get it to work.

This may help you out.

draytek.com/support/support_ … pter39.pdf

Its Dreytek’s Asterisk application guide.
Good Luck


Is anybody else using a Draytek 3300v with fxo cards.
I am having a hell of a time getting it configured.

Sip Trunk peer details for the unit are


Custom trunk is
SIP/fxo1, ,D(W$OUTNUM$)

The ports fxo1 to fxo4 all are registered but I get a “All circits are busy now” message when calling the outbound ports.

Can anybody help?