[Help] Design most efficient way for Home to VOIP provider

Hi All,

Im relatively new to Asterisk and have successfully setup my first Asterisk server using VMware for sip to sip, voicemail etc. After doing much reading I am trying to find the most cost effective way to setup VOIP for my family. Please help if you have some suggestions.

Current Setup
I am in Melbourne my family in Adelaide. Through my VOIP provider I requested a local Adelaide number, which I have call forward always to ring through to my local PSTN number. This enables my parents to call me on a local call instead of long distance, and all I pay is the Call foward transfer fee. I also have the benefit of better voice quality as the only VOIP part goes through my providers backbone.

Future setup
Id like to setup such that my parents can use the same local number, but this time I will have asterisk registering to my provider. I then plan to use the IVR to say 1. Call me, 2. Call my brother etc. I suspect then to buy an FXO card, which will be able to dial out to my brother using my PSTN line (therefore cheaper rate).
The problem I face is that if they want to call me, then I guess I can’t call my own PSTN phone using my PSTN line. Is there a way I can somehow route my call to my PSTN phone if they want to speak to me? The obvious answer is to set myself up with a SIP phone, but I would like to see if I can continue to use the analogue line. Obviously an FXS card would do the trick. Are there any other tricky ways I could achieve this.

Why not get a DID in your area and another in your parents are ? Also look around at the different voip companies. You will be surprised at the rates you can get.
Off the top of my head try: