[HELP]Delayed Dialing of Last Digit

I am running asterisk with freepbx. Also I have a TDM04B with 4 FXO modules. I am using Polycom 500 phones. This started out as a trixbox install that I am slowly hacking away at.

My major problem now is delayed digits when * dials out. My calls out will radomly connect. Sometime they do…sometimes they don’t. I hooked a standard phone in-line with * so I could listen to the dial pattern and it always dials 6 numbers, then there is a short pause and the last number is dialed. I added a pause to the outbound route thinking that maybe it was dialing too fast but I still get the same thing. I set my dial pattern to just local numbers without dialing 9 to get an outside line. I also expeiremented with LD numbers but the same thing happens… it dials all of the numbers except the last digit…it pauses…then the last number is dialed. Like I said, the delay always happens but the call will sometimes go through. I also have watched the CLI but nothing shows up there different between the time that it connects and the times it doesn’t.
I can post any files that may help figure this one out…but, once again this was a Trixbox install so most files are very bloated.