Help Configuring Asterisk to receive calls from other IVR


I am sorry if this is a newbie question or already answered dozens of times. I will be glad if someone can redirect me to right direction.

I have a asterisk server that works very well in this moment. Its a application that answer calls, record and is nicely integrated with other internal system via one ARI applicatiom

But we need to change it to allow customers that already have their own IVR redirect calls to our application. They need to be able to redirect from their Ivr to this specific extension using voip. And we need to identify from which client the call came from.

As I do not know all Ivr available, nor want to support (and debug) every possible scenario, what’s the most flexible and simple way to configure my server to receive voip calls and redirect into the correct extension?

If possible, would be nice if we can add more customers without change the asterisk configuration. Or change it the minimal possible.

Tips. Suggestions and external documents are all welcome.

Thank you

Are you currently using realtime for the sip extensions? I highly recommend it. You can create the dialplan to account for information in the database, then only make edits to the database. For something like this, I’d have the external system register as a peer (or give them each a separate extension to dial). Either way, you now know who they are. You could then, just send the call to the same dialplan application.

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