Help calling into * via pstn and through via Broadvoice

I have looked in a thousand places, but have not found a description of how to do it.

There is probably an official name for this feature, but not knowing it makes my searches return hundreds of hits, but none relevant yet.

Could you please tell me what this is called, so I can do a more efficient search?

Let me get this straight.

PSTN -> Broadvoice -> Asterisk -> Phone

If that is the case then you will need to do the following:

  1. Get Asterisk up and running

  2. Register with Broadvoice

  3. Setup a phone to register with Asterisk, defined in sip.conf

  4. Setup the s extension in Asterisk to ring over to the phone, defined in extension.conf

Asterisk is up and running. I am registered with Broadvoice. Works fine with a couple of sip phones.

Now I would like to dial in from any phone (work) and then make a long distance call (Germany) using Broadvoice.

It’s a local call to my *, and then I would like to be able to dial out again using Broadvoice.

I found a way to do it on the Wiki tricks+tips page.
I modded this for my case:

exten => s,1,Answer ; Answer the line
exten => s,2,Wait,1 ; Wait a second, just for fun
exten => s,3,DigitTimeout,5 ; Set Digit Timeout to 5 seconds
exten => s,4,ResponseTimeout,15 ; Set Response Timeout to 15 seconds
exten => s,5,Read(tfnumber,what-number)
exten => s,6,dial(SIP/${tfnumber},30)

So, whenever I dial in from the phone on the pots line I check for the caller id number, and if it matches I goto dialout context.