HELP Call in from Trunk and Out to another

After reading and reading since I am a Asterisk Newbie, I ask the following…:smile:

I have AAH setup and running, and almost everything that is basic working…
Now for the Question:

I would like to have an outside caller who’s call comes in from AtlasVoice (Trunk1) to be able to reach i guess a queue and by pressing a pre defined number receive a Dial tone so they can now Dial out using my Long Distance BroadVoice (Trunk2).
I don’t need the system to do anything fancy like track calls. This is for personal and Family use.
Its sounds like something Asterisk@Home could perform simply, however I have no clue where to start.

Details About my setup:

Asterisk@Home 1.5
1: Working in/out BroadVoice Trunk
2: Working in/out AtlasVoice Trunk
3: Digital receptionist working Great
4: 3 Extensions connected and working

Thank you in advance for any help.