[HELP] Bypass Asterisk in call forwarding

I am new to asterisk. I am working on call forwarding. I could successfully setup call forwarding from one extension to another.I could also forward calls to an external cell phone. But, every time a call is forwarded it hits my Asterisk box and Asterisk has to forward it. I would like to know if there is a way to bypass Asterisk when a call is forwarded. Something like, I configure my asterisk to send a message to service provider so that he can take care of the forwarding, and send another message when we want handle the calls ourselves?

I have gone through the forum, I couldn’t find answer to my question. Any help would be appreciated.

Replace asterisk with a SIP proxy.

Assuming you are talking about SIP (usual case for people who fail to say) there are answers on the forum.

You want the Transfer application. This has poor error handling.

ITSPs may well not honour it, and if they do, they may charge for the outgoing leg.

Transfer before answer is rather different from that after it.

Looking on the right forum may have helped. General is for discussions, not questions.

The thing you need is Asterisk Transfer application (this is what David already suggested). What that application does is that it replys to the providers SIP Invite with 302 Moved Temporarily SIP message.

The very important thing is that your provider has support for this call flow. Not all have …