[HELP]Asterisk access from WAN through billion5100

hi all,

I have managed to gain access via lan to my asterisk server but I am unable to access it via WAN using IAX. I have forwarded tcp and upd 4569 and still no go. I think it may be a config error on asterisk’s side with it not listening to any other address? I cannot set any other address as the machine only accesses the LAN address directly… anybody help?

You haven’t really given much information!

How have you forwarded 4569? What are you using to do the forwarding with? Is it using NAPT or what?

What address(es) have you got in iax.conf?

What’s on the other end that you’re trying to connect through the gateway (?) / firewall (?) / modem (?) from?

ohh thanks for the reply all this is just new too me.

What I want to do is connect from a remote PC to my VOIP server using software such as firefly… What I am unsure of… is should I use the IAX mode or SIP and what mode what ports should I forward through my router? My network at home allows any connections out from a PC but I need to obviously forward individual ports or ranges through my router in either TCP or UDP. Anyone able to help me out :smile: ?

ok edit: thanks I kindof sorted it myself just needed to actually DO the port forward properly :stuck_out_tongue:

now my problem is I can get people to connect but when they try and call numbers, asterisk spits out;

Sep 6 23:38:10 NOTICE[21070]: chan_iax2.c:5448 socket_read: Rejected connect attempt from xx.xx.xx.xx

now I assume I need to take a look at how to set it up for NAT etc… etc ?