[HELP] Asterisk 1.8 and History-Info

Hi all,
i’ve a problem with asterisk 1.8 and history-info.
This is my configuration, two Telephone connect to a router(Fritz!Box). On the router, i have configure two sip account registrered on my asterisk.
I set unconditional call forwarding in one of two telephone connect to the router. The unconditional call forwarding send all calls to the second telephone connect to router.
If i call from my mobile phone the first telephone, the calls redirect to the second, but if i analyze the cap(wireshark trace) collected from asterisk, i dont’s see any information about History-info.

These is my doubt :
Is History Info supported in Asterisk 1.8? If it’s right, how can i enable it?
If it’s wrong, why i don’t see history-info in wireshark?

Thanks for All

it’s not possible, asterisk not support RFC (4244).