Help! aix2 channel unable to transfer

help me please!
anyone encountered this problem?

when i start asterisk server, all iax2 users are registered.
When i try to call a aix2 user "jen"  this is the message in CLI.

    -- Accepting AUTHENTICATED call from
       > requested format = ilbc,
       > requested prefs = (),
       > actual format = gsm,
       > host prefs = (gsm|ilbc|ulaw|alaw),
       > priority = mine
    -- Executing [4444@default:1] Dial("IAX2/rex-6", "IAX2/jen") in new stack
    -- Called jen
    -- Call accepted by (format gsm)
    -- Format for call is gsm
    -- IAX2/jen-7 is ringing
    -- IAX2/jen-7 answered IAX2/rex-6
    -- Channel 'IAX2/jen-6' unable to transfer
the softphone rings but if i answer it. i cant hear any thing.
then "jen" is not registering on asterisk after the call.

thanks in advance[/quote]

anyone? :frowning: