Hardware Suggestions for new install

I am about to install asterisk for the first time and was wondering if others had some suggested configurations. We are a small business and want the PBX to be as solid as reasonable possible. My requirements are pretty simple:

  • we are using a PRI interface with 23 channels (digium card)
    • so max 23 concurrent calls hooked into the PSTN
  • I have not settled on a codec yet (SIP->PSTN)
  • our internal phones are SIP (Grandstream)
    • there will not be a lot of SIP-SIP calls (internal calls)

Would a server with the following specs provide a robust system. Should I change some of the components?

  • AMD Opteron
  • 1GB Rab
  • 60GB Sata Hard drive
  • digium PRI board

Not knowing how much of the system will be used for the codec translations, should I change any of this?

Is that enough RAM? Should I go with two processors?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I think that in a PBX the most important thing is availability… specially for a business that needs a PRI like yours. So, I would go for a very robust UPS and redundancy, like hardware RAID.

Thanks - hardware raid was a good call.

Also, for 24 concurrent calls what kind of CPU power and memory would you suggest?

The setup will use a PRI (one of the digium cards) with SIP -> PSTN calls (coded undecided).