Hardware needed : North american BRI (verizon)

Hi ,

I am looking for a pci card that would support North American BRI / ISDN line. For the verizon network in new york

Any suggestions ? I know the the b410p does not work and Sangoma does not support NA isdn either :frowning:

nobody has any suggestions ?

Look at the Diva Server ISDN BPI PCI model # 306-165


Best price I’ve found is $650 though. :cry:

Another that looks like it would work AVM B1 4.0, but needs an external NT1 since it is S/T only.

But can’t find where to buy in US. So not know the price. Several on Ebay in Europe.

I decided to go for the Diva BRI 4 port (around 1800 dollar) i will go next week to the states and setup everything… when i am done ill post the entire “working” config here so for any future setups it will be here

Thanks again