Hardware Echocanceller VPMADT032

Hello folks.
I have TE121 card and VPMADT032 EC module.
I do clean install AsteriskNow from AsteriskNOW-612-current-64.iso
Therefore I have kernel 2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64, asterisk 11.21.2, dahdi-tools.x86_64, dahdi-linux.x86_64, kmod-dahdi-linux-fwload-vpmadt032-2.9.0-1_centos6.2.6.32_279.14.1.el6.x86_64, dahdi-firmware-vpmoct032-1.12.0-131.shmz65.1.3.
My /etc/dahdi/system.conf is
In dmesg output I see this:
wcte12xp 0000:02:08.0: Failed to find a registered loader after loading module.
wcte12xp 0000:02:08.0: Failed to load VPMADT032 firmware.
wcte12xp 0000:02:08.0: Failed VPMADT032 reset. VPMADT032 is disabled.
dahdi_vpmadt032_loader: no symbol version for vpmadtreg_unregister
dahdi_vpmadt032_loader: Unknown symbol vpmadtreg_unregister
dahdi_vpmadt032_loader: no symbol version for vpmadtreg_register
dahdi_vpmadt032_loader: Unknown symbol vpmadtreg_register
How I can properly enable this EC module without compiling dahdi-linux-complete-current from source?

Set echocanceller to none and try again.

EC disabling is not allowed b/c this AsteriskNow is gateway between analog PBX and virtualized AsteriskNow which is connected to SIP provider, and without EC vioce significantly degaraded if I make call from analog phone to outside via SIP provider.

What you’re seeing there relates to a different module, the VPMADT032. The VPMOCT032 is different.

Sorry, this is my mistake, I rechecked which EC module I have and it is really VPMADT032, not VPMOCT032.
I found that this EC module in EOL, see link https://www.digium.com/products/end-of-life.
I found baseurl link where there is not only 6.5 release, 6.6 and 7 releases are available too.
So I changed FreePBX.repo to 6.6 release and performed yum update. Update size was about 390MB.
Dahdi-tools and dahdi-linux now have version 2.11.1, latest on this moment, but this did not help.
Dmesg output shows the same thing.
Does EOL VPMADT032 mean that it will not work with the newest dahdi version?

The VPMADT032 should still be functional with current releases of DAHDI; support for it wasn’t removed.