Hangup Delay issue with ZAPTEL

If the line is called and the caller hangs up before answering, zap trunk continues to ring for 4 seconds (1.5 rings).

I have tried it with a analog line from Bell Canada and just for sanity check if the analog telco line is not doing something screwy, I used an ATA186 fxs port connected to the fxo port of the card and tried it:

same result.

So the telco line is not the problem here as I believe both in US and Canada kewl start signalling is used by most of the major telco.

It has to be an issue with Zaptel

Digium/Zaptel guys can you please help in this?

I have tried two different cards : X100P and Sangoma A200 with 8 ports with same result - tried on Trixbox 2.2.5a to 2.4.2 and Elastix 0.9.2 with no differences.

Only way to improve on it a littlebit is by timing the time between rings and using ringtimeout=4500

But still it is not instant like my cheap answering machine or the 15 year old Nortel MICS.

This will be a show stopper in replacing old PBX systems where many people want to keep the analog lines for the time being.

Please help.