Handset rings when user is already on a call

I’ve got an entry in extensions.conf to make 3 SIP extensions ring when a call comes in over a ZAP channel

it goes like this:

[quote]exten => 2,1,Answer
exten => 2,2,Background(custom/en_please_hold)
exten => 2,3,Dial(SIP/204&SIP/205&SIP/206,5)[/quote]
The problem is… when one of the phones are in use, they still ring, which is undesirable. Is there any way to ensure that only the inactive extensions ring?


Chck out the ChanIsAvail() command.

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … hanIsAvail

You should be able to limit the extensions that ring by checking to see if they are in use first.