h323 outbound call failure

Hello Members

We are getting started with Asterisk. We are connecting the Asterisk PBX to an Avaya PBX via h323 trunks. We installed h323 module. The inbound calls to Asterisk are coming through but the outbound calls fail with “all circuits are busy now…call later”. Some times we can hear the ring for a couple of times followed by the busy message. The console error messages indicate “call to undefined peer” with


The “300,Ttr” part in the initial DIAL command looks suspicious to us:

DIAL (“SIP/…”, “OOH323/2517/avaya-h323,300,Ttr”)

Thank you for the help

Can’t you use SIP for the interconnection between Avaya and Asterisk?

Thank you for your reply.
My Avaya PBX can’t handle SIP. I would need an expensive ISDN to SIP gateway.
Therefore I am trying to make it work with H.323 trunks.

I don’t think a lot of people here use H.323. Support for it on Asterisk might also not be that great …

I would look for H.323_to_SIP gateway and put it in between Avaya and Asterisk. I would recommend Cisco or Patton.