H323 And Asterisk as IVR

Good day,

We have an Avaya PBX that supports H323 (I don’t know exactly the model) and would like to use Asterisk as an IVR (Just an IVR; no calls will be placed from asterisk to the avaya).

I’ve in the past used Asterisk as the PBX and have registered SIP phones and done the IVR thing, but interaction from two PBX confuses me greatly.

I’ve tried checking (googling) a lot, and IRC #asterisk on Freenode and I’m still lost.

So here’s the sum up:

A call is placed to the Avaya system, if the user clicks on (Access IVR) or whatever the call is forwarded to the Asterisk (I’m not going to configure the Avaya, just the Asterisk).

So far, I need the Asterisk to answer any call placed from H323 and run the IVR.

I’m using the H323 that comes with Asterisk (I don’t know if I need the oh323 for this because I only need Asterisk to answer inbound calls), do I need a gatekeeper? I have no idea what a gatekeeper is (and if I’m not mistaken I think it’s sort of like a DNS that translates aliases into IPs and viceversa).

Anyways, I have this on my H323.conf

port = 1720
bindaddr = ; this SHALL contain a single, valid IP address for this machine


And this on my extensions.conf
exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => s,2,Playback(hello-world)
exten => s,3,Hangup()

(Just so I can see if it’s working).

I’m using SJPhone but it can’t even connect, I ran a netstat -an on the server and port 1720 it’s not even open.

I’m completely lost and have no idea at this point, 95% of the Google documentation is about SIP.

Anyone can be so kind as to offer me some insight?

Try put the real ip address here, restart Asterisk and then check if the 1720 port is open.


Marco Bruni