H extension isn't processed after call file finishes

Do you know how I can call h extension after the call hungup in a .call file

Channel: SIP/vm8553@trunk
Callerid: " Msg Available "
Application: VoiceMailMain
Data: 8553@default
Context: voicemail-8553
MaxRetries: 200000
WaitTime: 600
RetryTime: 600

if I hung up the call the h extension defined in the voicemail-8553 context is not called

CLI output

[Sep 14 10:52:10] NOTICE[29454]: pbx_spool.c:402 attempt_thread: Call completed to SIP/vm8553@trunk

You are not sending the dialed call into the dialplan but directly to the VoiceMailMain application. That is why it is not executing. You need to only use the Context, Exten, and Priority parameters without the Application and Data parameters in order to have it go into the dialplan.

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Thanks, It works now