GXP-2000 Open Box for Sale

I’m not sure if it’s ok to be posting about stuff for sale, so I’ll apologize now, but I have some GXP-2000 phones I’m trying to get rid of. They were used for about a week and the people using them decided they didn’t want them.

Here’s what I have:
3 - GXP-2000 Basically new $59.95 US
1 - GXP-2000 Used (Seems to work intermittently… may be fixed with firmware update? might work fine with power adapter instead of POE? maybe just use for spare parts?) $10 or Free if you buy the rest
1 - GXP-2000 EXP Expansion module $50.00 Must buy at least 1 phone

All prices are in USD and don’t include shipping or tax if in CA. Shipping will be from Southern California.

If you want to buy the phones you can do it on our website, the used/broken one and the EXP aren’t on there, but if you put it in the comments we will get in touch with you.

productionoutlet.com/product_inf … ts_id=5078

Or just call / email our office.
+1 951-304-0640 (I’m at x1501, but anyone can help you.)

Nathaniel Pitcher

The correct place on this forum would be the biz section. You can also try posting it on the asterisk biz list (lists.digium.com).