GUI config login problem

I’ve got the latest verison of Asterisk Now downloaded and installed, and I think I’m pn my way to getting it setup and running correctly. It’s the 64-bit version if that makes any different. The Digium card is TE120P.

When I web into the box, I get the login screen. I enter “admin” and my password, and it kicks me over to a “Asterisk GUI setup Wizard” page and requests login credentials again. I enter the login credentials again, and it starts asking me about the analog ports. I don’t have any, so I click “Next” to continue, and it brings me right back to the “Asterisk GUI Setup Wizard” page ans asks for login again.

I’ve tried using FireFox, Portable FireFox, IE7 and IE6 with no change in the results.

Any help, or anyone else having this issue?

I have exact the same problem…

I am having the same login issues as well. I am using a 32bit machine and have also tried Firefox, IE6, IE7 with the same exact results. I believe this is a major bug in the system. I have double and triple checked my browser settings and they are fine. I am clueless to know why this is doing this.