GUI 2.0 - stopped working

[color=red]My asterisk-gui (from branches/2.0) stopped working.[/color]

I’m using the Ubuntu 8.04.1 server install with ubuntu-desktop installed over it. I installed LAMP, OpenSSH, Print Server and SAMBA as the basic options. I used Synaptic installer to install Asterisk.
I followed the instruction for how to install the Asterisk GUI
(download to /usr/src/ via SVN).

sudo make install
sudo gedit http.conf
and manager.conf in /etc/asterisk to add required changes.
add ln -s to get the static pages working.
go to localhost:8088

wooohoooo ---- EVERYTHING WORKS FINE. I’m off and configuring like the wind.


I installed webmin (to configure SAMBA) and tftp-hpa/tftpd-hpa (to configure my Cisco phones).
GUI’s SUDDENLY not there.[/color] (web browser doesn’t even display the “move along” message.)
check netstat - no port listener on 8088 (not sure if I checked that right)
checked, Asterisk is running fine:
/usr/sbin/asterisk -p -U asterisk

in ps aux (I can stop and start asterisk, again no problem)

Please HELP! I’m at wit’s end trying to diagnose why the GUI simply stopped working.

I thought it might have something to do with the TFTP-HPA installing the OpenBSD-inetd. So I uninstalled WEBMIN, TFTP-HPA, TFTPD-HPA, OPENBSD-INETD. No dice. I tried reinstalling the above using xinetd. No dice.

I’ve spent a few hours diagnosing this without success, so any help you could give would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. If you have an diagnosis operation or uninstalls I should do (or files you need me to include), I will gladly perform those steps.

Another few hours, and I’ll be in a situation where I want to wipe the machine and start from scratch, which is bad because I still don’t know why the GUI simply stopped working, and it might happen again!


PS: In case you’re wondering. Why didn’t I just install AsteriskNow. I need to run with Ubuntu because I’m running some other stuff (wview, etc.) that I’m really only comfortable with on Ubuntu with the desktop environment.[/i]

I didn’t show EVERY step in the installation, so in case this is relevant:

When I first installed Asterisk, I installed EVERYTHING with asterisk in the name from the installer.

asterisk would start and quit almost immediately. Taking a look at the log from a vvv CLI invocation, I saw some problem with H.323, so I uninstalled all that stuff.

Out of the box, the installation for asterisk-gui doesn’t work, as you have to redirect the directory for static-http using a ln -s. (I kept getting the “Move Along” message.)

Then everything seemed to work fine, until it stopped working.

I also installed the development libraries for asterisk somewhere along the way, along with build-essential, etc. to be able to compile the other software on my box (wview). This occurred BEFORE Asterisk-GUI quit working, so it may not be so relevant, but it’s here for completeness.